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Our origins

FutuShow was founded to address a growing problem that technology helped to create: how to succeed in building a full workflow platform for enterprise customers.

During our implementations before, we repeatedly heard the same wishes from our customers:

  • “I wish I could find some ideal tools immediately to take place my huge repeated manual works.”
  • “I wish our old system can add or update a feature in 2 days, not 2 months or more.”
  • “I wish I could use the same user management system in different tools or different workflows!”

Therefore we planned to build a system that can meet the changing requirements of enterprises with full workflows.  We have been creating the  FocusingPro platform to free enterprises from the constraints of their software systems and allow them to streamline complex business processes into simple tasks.

Our target

The key target of enterprises is to lower costs and improve efficiencies. Everyone believes that technology can help enterprises reach it.  Unfortunately,  business software has not fulfilled this target very well.

From our origins, FutuShow has worked continuously to reach this target, and in the process, our platform has evolved into a suite of products that integrate with the most commonly-used business software.

We are constantly expanding and improving our platform by listening to more and more customers from different industries, who can help us fulfill this target and meanwhile benefit from it in return.

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